Monday, 10 October 2016

Be A Jackstar

Sexy and sporty, two words that are used to describe you. And they're two words you can definitely use to describe our brand new Jockstar collection. So, you're pretty much perfect for each other.

With its bright classic colours, each complete outfit shouts you're an athlete, and a damn sexy one. Each jockstrap features a comfy cup that gently lifts and provides excellent frontal support and enhancement.

Every outfit in the Jockstar collection includes a top, jockstap, socks and hi-top sneakers. The jockstrap features a mesh bulge for added definition so no more 'flat pack' front.

There are four designs to choose from in the collection, each in a different colour and style.

Pictured left to right: Dick pic? , Grndr, Jac'd and Pump. Each is available at the In World store and on Marketplace by searching Jockstar.

All Jockstar outfits are designed specifically for the Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body and may not fit other mesh bodies or standard avatars.