Sunday, 16 October 2016

Jockstar : White

Jockstar : White is a highly configurable athletic outfit designed to show off your best assets.  The complete outfit is made in both rigged and non rigged mesh components so you can achieve a perfect fit no matter what your shape.

The set comes with Hoodie, Jockstrap, Sport Shorts and Shoes. The unzipped hoodie features a blue inset panel and ribbed cuffs. Low slung sport shorts ride low on the hips to expose the form fitting jockstrap, which comes in two version. The first version is designed to wear with the shorts. The optional jockstrap version comes with mesh bulge.

The components are designed to be worn together or in a variety of combinations. Each and very combination will show off your well sculpted physique while providing ultimate support and maximum sensuality.

Perfect for day or night, wear Jockstar : White to the gym, the club or on the street.

Available In World and on Marketplace.