Friday, 14 October 2016


The Inca Warrior

Not just for Halloween, the Inca Warrior outfit will command attention no matter where you go.

This exquisitely textured costume features gold and jewel tones on highly detailed mesh objects. The headdress has a golden beak, onyx eyes and is adorned in amber, sapphire and ruby. Multi coloured feathers finish off this Incan masterpiece. Comes with removable resize script for a perfect fit.

 The golden bib is detailed with large sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Broad, chunky and resizable to fit proudly across your chest.

The wrist bands are hammered gold inscribed with ancient Incan symbols, the ankle straps feature jewels and feathers in silver, gold, ruby and sapphire.

The hip sash is made of striking ruby toned fabric tied at the front. It is also resizable for a perfect fit.

This stunning Inca Warrior outfit is available at the In World store and on Marketplace

As always this outfit is designed specifically for Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body and may not work with other mesh systems.