Thursday, 9 March 2017

:::boyberry::: @ ‘Stuff Style Monthly Event

We've been displaying at the 'Stuff Style Monthly Event for a few months now and are always pleased to be included.

This months event is Animal Prints and we've come up with three fantastic designs. Each set comes with Crop T and Shorts with optional bulge and a pair of rattan styled flip flops. The top and shorts are rigged for a perfect fit and the bulge and flip flops are resizable.

These sets are only available at the 'Stuff Style Event, so pop in and grab yours NOW!


We were ecited to be chosen as winner of the 'Stuff Styles Booth Of The Month for March!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Springtime Aesthetic Hunt

The Springtime Aesthetic Hunt is on!

The first Aesthetic Hunt of it's kind starts 15 February and runs through 31 March. With 34 merchants participating in this event, you are sure to get your hands on some great gear!

Our contribution to the SAH is our exclusive Pool Boy outfit. This set comes complete with Sun Visor, Sleeveless Over Shirt, Tank Top, T-Shirt, Swim Trunks with tie, Hi Tops and Float Ring.

The Sun Visor features novelty buttons and sun glasses and the Float Ring has touchable texture change menu with six different textures!

This is a complete mesh outfit specifically designed to fit the Aesthetic Mesh Avatar.

The Pool Boy set is only available In World and only as a SAH hunt item. Be sure to visit us In World for this fantastic FREE GIFT!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Love and Lust ...

...and everything in between.

Valentine's Day is upon us yet again!
Treat yourself to a fabulous Valentine's Day outfit from :::boyberry:::
We've five special outfits this year, each to invoke a feeling of love - or lust - depending on your mood.


Monday, 6 February 2017

:::boyberry::: @ the Avangarde Event

The second round of Avangarde has started and this round we've pulled out all the stops!
Valentines is the theme so with that in mind we have created three breath-taking outfits specifically with love in mind.

The KING OF HEARTS suit includes a Red and Gold Standing Collar Suit with red and black deigned fur stole over one shoulder. The other shoulder is adorned with gold, onyx and silver guard with heart design. A gold and ruby sceptre, brooch, and crown top off this outfit. The set also comes with black leather loafers.

The PRINCE OF HEARTS suit is a stunning White and Gold Standing Collar Suit featuring fur collar in red and black design with a gold and ruby clasp. Black leather loafers and a gold, ruby and onyx crown complete this outfit. Perfect as it is or as an accompaniment to the King of Hearts outfit.

Since love is the name of the game we couldn't leave out the worlds horniest angel, Cupid! Get yourself dressed up in this brilliant costume featuring white Wings, red gold and black Quiver, white Low Rise Shorts and golden cuffs and boots.

These three outfits are available at the Avangarde Event , at our Main Store and on Marketplace.

Our exclusive offer is not for the faint of heart...this super low rise short and crop top set features hearts, flowers and swirls on a blue background. A skin tight fit and super low cut shows off every single asset with very little left to the imagination!

This Exclusive outfit is ONLY available at the Avangarde Event


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Urban Street Wear

Stylish, Trendy, Uncompromising.
Urban Street Wear from :::boyberry::: is ready for what ever the City has to offer. From Street Wear to the Club Scene you'll always step out in confident style in one of these complete outfits.

The first of two new releases features a dressed down version of the Vest/Trouser combo. We've paired a grey pinstriped Silk Vest with a pair of comfortable camouflage trousers. An olive coloured button down shirt, camo print silk tie and rugged black leather boost complete this outfit.

The second outfit sees a Grey Tweed Suit coupled with a pair of knee high Riding Boots. A cream Linen Shirt completes the ensemble. Comfortable, rugged and hardwearing, this outfit will see you through the day and well into the night.

Both outfits are available in the Main Store as well as on Marketplace.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Jockstar : White

Jockstar : White is a highly configurable athletic outfit designed to show off your best assets.  The complete outfit is made in both rigged and non rigged mesh components so you can achieve a perfect fit no matter what your shape.

The set comes with Hoodie, Jockstrap, Sport Shorts and Shoes. The unzipped hoodie features a blue inset panel and ribbed cuffs. Low slung sport shorts ride low on the hips to expose the form fitting jockstrap, which comes in two version. The first version is designed to wear with the shorts. The optional jockstrap version comes with mesh bulge.

The components are designed to be worn together or in a variety of combinations. Each and very combination will show off your well sculpted physique while providing ultimate support and maximum sensuality.

Perfect for day or night, wear Jockstar : White to the gym, the club or on the street.

Available In World and on Marketplace.

Friday, 14 October 2016


The Inca Warrior

Not just for Halloween, the Inca Warrior outfit will command attention no matter where you go.

This exquisitely textured costume features gold and jewel tones on highly detailed mesh objects. The headdress has a golden beak, onyx eyes and is adorned in amber, sapphire and ruby. Multi coloured feathers finish off this Incan masterpiece. Comes with removable resize script for a perfect fit.

 The golden bib is detailed with large sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Broad, chunky and resizable to fit proudly across your chest.

The wrist bands are hammered gold inscribed with ancient Incan symbols, the ankle straps feature jewels and feathers in silver, gold, ruby and sapphire.

The hip sash is made of striking ruby toned fabric tied at the front. It is also resizable for a perfect fit.

This stunning Inca Warrior outfit is available at the In World store and on Marketplace

As always this outfit is designed specifically for Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body and may not work with other mesh systems.