Sunday, 16 October 2016

Jockstar : White

Jockstar : White is a highly configurable athletic outfit designed to show off your best assets.  The complete outfit is made in both rigged and non rigged mesh components so you can achieve a perfect fit no matter what your shape.

The set comes with Hoodie, Jockstrap, Sport Shorts and Shoes. The unzipped hoodie features a blue inset panel and ribbed cuffs. Low slung sport shorts ride low on the hips to expose the form fitting jockstrap, which comes in two version. The first version is designed to wear with the shorts. The optional jockstrap version comes with mesh bulge.

The components are designed to be worn together or in a variety of combinations. Each and very combination will show off your well sculpted physique while providing ultimate support and maximum sensuality.

Perfect for day or night, wear Jockstar : White to the gym, the club or on the street.

Available In World and on Marketplace.

Friday, 14 October 2016


The Inca Warrior

Not just for Halloween, the Inca Warrior outfit will command attention no matter where you go.

This exquisitely textured costume features gold and jewel tones on highly detailed mesh objects. The headdress has a golden beak, onyx eyes and is adorned in amber, sapphire and ruby. Multi coloured feathers finish off this Incan masterpiece. Comes with removable resize script for a perfect fit.

 The golden bib is detailed with large sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Broad, chunky and resizable to fit proudly across your chest.

The wrist bands are hammered gold inscribed with ancient Incan symbols, the ankle straps feature jewels and feathers in silver, gold, ruby and sapphire.

The hip sash is made of striking ruby toned fabric tied at the front. It is also resizable for a perfect fit.

This stunning Inca Warrior outfit is available at the In World store and on Marketplace

As always this outfit is designed specifically for Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body and may not work with other mesh systems.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Captain America : Reboot

Who says you can't save the world and show a bit of skin at the same time?

This reboot version of Captain America enhances your natural masculinity while showing off your best assets. Featuring a Crop Top, Short Shorts, Zipped Wrist Bands, Laced Hi Boots and Shield, this costume is ready just in time for Halloween. Once you've saved that day you can remove the Face Mask to reveal your true identity.

Designed specifically for Niramyth Aesthetic Mesh body and available:

In World and on Marketplace


Wednesday, 12 October 2016


NSFW is a new addition to the Jockstar range.

This set features the classic jockstrap in red with an open sleeveless shirt. Socks and Hi-Tops also come in this ultra sexy, ultra comfy outfit.

The shirt is printed with the words "I'm bored, can I play with your zipper" which makes this set definitely Not Safe For Work.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I put a spell on you...

...and now you're mine.

Cast a spell of your own in this 'Hogwarts' inspired Magicians costume, just in time for Halloween!

This highly detailed outfit comes with short shorts and mesh bulge, tie, wand, hat, boots and broom. The front pouch comes in two version, with and without wand. Both have potion bottles neatly tucked in for emergency spells. A separate wand is included to hold in your hand.

The 'sorting hat' is detailed with autumn leaves, a jack-o-lantern, circling bats and spider web complete with spider! Don't worry, it won't bite.

The broom has a handy hanging lantern to light your way and is conveniently worn on your back for a quick get away should the need arise. 

Each piece is hand textured in black, red and gold. Be sure to use your Niramyth Aesthetic Color & Alpha HUD to achieve a perfect fit this Halloween or for your Role Play.

Grab this enchanting and sexy costume In World or on Marketplace and be ready for a screaming good time this year.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Be A Jackstar

Sexy and sporty, two words that are used to describe you. And they're two words you can definitely use to describe our brand new Jockstar collection. So, you're pretty much perfect for each other.

With its bright classic colours, each complete outfit shouts you're an athlete, and a damn sexy one. Each jockstrap features a comfy cup that gently lifts and provides excellent frontal support and enhancement.

Every outfit in the Jockstar collection includes a top, jockstap, socks and hi-top sneakers. The jockstrap features a mesh bulge for added definition so no more 'flat pack' front.

There are four designs to choose from in the collection, each in a different colour and style.

Pictured left to right: Dick pic? , Grndr, Jac'd and Pump. Each is available at the In World store and on Marketplace by searching Jockstar.

All Jockstar outfits are designed specifically for the Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body and may not fit other mesh bodies or standard avatars.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Here There Be Monsters...

Pillage and plunder in this Pirates outfit from :::boyberry:::

The complete costume comes with Tricorne Hat, Bandana, Vest, Hip Sash, Shorts and Boots. The shorts feature a ragged leg edge and mesh pouch with gold buttons, a handy place to keep your gold doubloons!

Items which are not rigged mesh are resizable so you can achieve a perfect fit.

Part of the :::boyberry::: Halloween range and available:

Thursday, 6 October 2016

25 Days Til Halloween

What can I say, this costume is dead sexy. We've taken the humble clown and turned him into a sex symbol.

This outfit features a button pouch with a lovely yellow daisy neatly tucked in. Now there's an excuse for someone to be face level with your bits!

The set includes tie, boots with side pockets and all topped off with a quirky little hat (unicycle and umbrella not included).

Get a chuckle and then get lucky in this super sexy Clown costume exclusively for the Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body and only available at :::boyberry:::

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

26 Days Til Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching we're bringing out our line of Aesthetic costumes.

The first feature is this amazing mesh / rigged mesh Devil outfit. The costume comes complete with:
Chained Horns, Rigged Mesh Wings, Mesh Chained Waist Scarf, Mesh Tail and Mesh Hooves.

Most components of this outfit can be resized and used along side your Alpha HUD giving you the most frightfully perfect fit.

This sexy Devil costume can be worn as shown or combined with your other favourite ;;;boyberry::: gear for a completely unique look. And now matter how you choose to wear it you're sure to knock 'em dead this Halloween Season!

Available at the In World Store in London City West and on Marketplace

You'll find a whole host of Autumn and Halloween themed clothing both at the In World Store as well as the Marketplace store so check out the range and get your gear on!

Monday, 3 October 2016

...but first, let me take a dick pic...

Why ask when you can advertise?

Fill your boots with #dicpic's of all kinds by wearing this one of a kind sports set!

Part of the Jockstar range, Dick pic? includes a crop t, jockstrap with mesh bulge, socks and hi-tops. The bulge is resizable for a perfect, and in some cases oversized, fit...but who are we to complain about big packets?

The socks and hi-tops are also resizable and the jock and crop t are rigged so you get a perfect fit every time no matter what your shape.

Show off what you've got and get a little in return with Jockstar Dick pic?

Available In World

TMW - The Men's Warehouse

:::boyberry::: joins The Men's Warehouse for round 14 and 15!

TMW is a fashion forward event for men featuring mesh clothing and accessories and we are thrilled to join forces with them.

The Man's Warehouse- TMW is designed to join with  various enthusiastic creative people who design apparel and accessories specifically made for Male Mesh Avatars such as Niramyth Aesthetic, L'UOMO and TMP.

The Men's Warehouse is a periodic event that starts every last Saturday of the month and lasts for two weeks. Under one venue, there are many prestigious brands with great designs that will improve your Second Life.

As an added bonus we have a TMW EXCLUSIVE item this round...the Beard Hoodie. It is only available during the event and only at the stall. Be sure to grab yours now!

Check out the TMW Face Book page

And be sure to visit :::boyberry::: at the event.

:::boyberry::: Main Store

:::boyberry::: , Aesthetic Clothing for men, opens in London City West.

Our Main Store in the heart of London inSL features rigged mesh clothing and accessories for the Niramyth Aesthetic Mesh Body offering a wide range of apparel in many different departments.

Shoppers will find athletic gear from the Jockstar range which includes mesh socks and trainers in addition to jocks, shorts, crop t's and hoodies.

The SUIT UP range from :::boyberry::: is an upmarket style of suits and business attire  including shoes and other accessories. Silk shirts and ties, tweed, wool and linen jackets and trousers and leather brogues topped off with a felt fedora give these complete outfits a trendy finish.

Seasonal wear plays a large part at :::boyberry::: where shoppers will find just what they need no matter the weather. Set off your summer with an outfit from the SWIM range or keep warm and cozy in one of the NEW funnel neck jumpers.

:::boyberry::: is your one stop shop for sleek, sexy, trendy men's fashion.